Dear Lord


Dear Lord,
Thank you for all that You have done for me
I need Your help now
Help me to forget him
Help me to move on
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Jadwal Pekan suci dan Tri Hari Suci 2015 Keuskupan Surabaya

Paroki Santo Yakobus 
Jl. Puri Widya Kencana LL No. 1, CitraRaya, Surabaya 60220 
Telp. (031) 7415241, 70213451 

Kamis Putih (02 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 21.3
Jumat Agung (03 Apr) : Pk. 13.00, 16.00, 19.00 
Sabtu Suci (04 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 22.0
Hari Raya Paskah (05 Apr) : Pk. 06.00, 08.30, 18.00

Paroki Santo Aloysius Gonzaga 
Jl. Satelit Indah I / HN-1, Surabaya 
Telp. (031) 7347040 

Kamis Putih (02 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 21.0
Jalan Salib (03 Apr) : Pk. 08.00
Jumat Agung (03 Apr) : Pk. 14.00, 17.00
Sabtu Suci (04 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 22.0
Hari Raya Paskah (05 Apr) : Pk. 06.30, 09.00, 17.00

Paroki Santo Marinus Yohanes 
Jl. Memet Sastrawirya No. 1, Kenjeran, Surabaya 60121 
Telp. (031) 3893891 Fax. (031) 3821233 

Kamis Putih (02 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 21.00 

Jalan Salib (03 Apr) : Pk. 08.00
Jumat Agung (03 Apr) : Pk. 13.00, 16.00
Sabtu Suci (04 Apr) : Pk. 18.00, 21.30
Hari Raya Paskah (05 Apr) : Pk. 07.00, 09.30, 17.30

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What will i do?


Valentine is almost here and on my private time, i tried to think about what will i do if God give me someone to love again.
Now, I already open my heart and no matter what happen with my ex, Thats will not affect me again. That's already be my past and always be my past. God want me learn something from that.

I am not like other people who can love someone easily, i need to see his act, his courage and his sacrifice to fight for his love to me and i will try my best to love him.

And this is what will i do to show my love
1. I will always care to him
2. I will never let him feel alone
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Jawaban Tuhan di Hidupku

Setelah lama aku tidak posting di blog, tiba-tiba siang ini aku merasa Tuhan ingin aku menuliskan puisi ini disini. Aku berharap puisi ini dapat memberkati siapapun yang membacanya.

Ketika aku terdiam, aku berpikir
Untuk apa hidupku di dunia ini
Mengapa aku hidup di dunia ini
Bukankah hidup di Surga jauh lebih menyenangkan?

Aku bertanya tak pernah henti
Hidup di dunia yang fana ini
Tidak ada yang abadi di sini
Aku ingin sesuatu yang abadi Tuhan
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God help me

Day by day..
This life be more difficult...
No more happy moment like before
When i remember Your word I only can believe

I believe that will happen
And You will keep Your promises
I know You will
But day by day everything be worse

I need You, God
I need Your hand
I need Your help
I need Your miracle
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